Commonly confused words (Part 1)

Commonly confused words (Part 1)

Język angielski pełen jest zawiłości, które powodują że nie zawsze używamy poprawnych słów w odpowiednim kontekście. Stąd też naszedł mnie pomysł aby wystartować z serią: Commonly confused words, czyli słowa pomieszane! Czas na część pierwszą!

=careful not to attract attention

You stay here and keep a discreet eye on him.

=separate and distinct
oddzielny, odrębny

A series of discrete events have helped to keep prices high.

bezinteresowny, obiektywny
(może również znaczyć niezainteresowany

)A banker is under an obligation to give disinterested advice

=not interested
obojętny, niezainteresowany

Her father was so uninterested in her progress that he only visited the school once.

=to cover or surround
okrywać, okrążać

Their assignment was to envelop the head of the enemy column and destroy it.

=a paper container for a letter

My boss handed me the envelope containing the necessary papers.

=the use of an idea or method;
the work or business of a doctor, dentist, etc.
praktyka, sposób postępowania

He opened his practice last year.

=to do something repeatedly to gain skill; to do something regularly
wprawiać się w czymś, praktykować

You need to practise more

=a waterless, empty area; to abandon someone

The Sahara is the largest desert in the world.

=the sweet course of a meal

What would you like for dessert?

Wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.

The fact is she is not a dispassionate or ___________ witness in this case.
The trailer suggests a film that will _________the viewer in a whirlwind of emotions.
When this is the purpose, one ____________ constantly and vigorously.
In ________, most are expected to be set up as master trusts.
The boy ran across the _________, the sand flying up from his heels.
Pancakes make wonderful dinner party ___________, and are ideal for making ahead.
A lot of their work is carried out in a very __________and confidential manner.
The atoms in iron, in contrast, do not cluster into __________ molecules
I was totally _________in boys
It is enclosed in a sealed ___________along with this letter.

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