The Olsen Twins – Czytanie ze zrozumieniem – poziom podstawowy

The Olsen Twins – Czytanie ze zrozumieniem – poziom podstawowy


Czy kojarzycie siostry Mary-Kate i Ashley Olsen? Kiedy były dziećmi, zasłynęły w serialu Pełna Chata. Zagrały główne i epizodyczne role w ponad pięćdziesięciu filmach, serialach i programach telewizyjnych. Określane są jako najbardziej znane bliźniaczki świata.

W 2006 roku zainteresowała się nimi Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna, a tekst o nich pojawił się na maturze podstawowej (poniżej). Jak zwykle, na końcu znajdziecie PDF z tekstem i odpowiedziami.

Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Na podstawie informacji w nim zawartych zdecyduj, które zdania są zgodne z treścią tekstu (TRUE), a które nie (FALSE).  Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.

Do you know the famous twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?young_olsen
Their life in show business began when they were babies. Their father suggested that a Hollywood television studio use them to play the part of Michelle, a little girl in a series called Full House. There are strict rules saying how many hours a child can actually work in film or television. That is why many studios use identical twins when they film a small child in a story. The Full House series ran until the girls were eight years old.
By the time they were four, a businessman who had managed pop groups such as Ace of Base and Roxette had the clever idea of licensing the twins as a “brand”. He set up a company which rents out the twins’ image to clothes and toy companies. So what exactly is the “Olsen image”? They have become known as the “un-Britneys”. This means that they provide a safe model for girls between six and thirteen who find Britney Spears too provocative.
The twins take a keen interest in all of the products sold in the “Mary-Kate and Ashley” range, and they veto things they don’t like. They have sold 35 million copies of their videos, released over 17 pop albums and written many teenage novels. They now have a new sitcom called So Little Time, plus their own magazine and website.
At the same time they try to live the normal lives of typical American teenagers. Each day the girls go to their small private school where they wear school uniforms and study hard. They do their homework each night stopping to watch their favourite TV programmes. At weekends they go riding or attend dance classes.
In America there is a strong youngsters’ movement against drinking alcohol, smoking and having sex before marriage. And the Olsens represent what is pure and good. At the same time, they are successful and attractive, and this may encourage many more girls to follow their example.

adapted from: Current, November/December 2002
Źródło: , Matura 2006

Które zdania są zgodne z treścią tekstu (TRUE), a które nie (FALSE)?

1. The Olsen twins have been in show business all their lives.
2. It is unusual for film studios to employ twins for the same role.
3. It was their father’s idea to create the “Olsen image”.
4. The twins’ image is the opposite of Britney Spears’ image.
5. The girls give opinions about their brand products.
6. They are too busy to do the things ordinary teenagers do.
7. The author of the text gives advice on how teenagers can become film stars.

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