Sprawdź swój poziom

Wiele osób uczy się języka angielskiego latami jednak nie są w stanie określić swojego poziomu językowego. Jeśli do nich należysz, wypełnij poniższy test i sprawdź na jakim poziomie obecnie jesteś!


Wyniki poniższego testu gramatyczno-leksykalnego powinny być traktowane jedynie jako informacje wstępne na temat poziomu znajomości języka. Niniejszy test stanowi punkt wyjścia do dalszego sprawdzania umiejętności mówienia, słuchania, czytania oraz pisania (przed rozpoczęciem lub w trakcie kursu), które umożliwi uzyskanie pełnego obrazu kompetencji językowych osoby ocenianej.

Opracowanie: Piotr Steinbrich | Konsultacja: Prof. dr hab. Hanna Komorowska | © Pearson Education Polska 2008

1) José is _____ Argentina.

2) ____ is your favourite music?

3) ____ Susan like spaghetti?

4) How old ____ your brother?

5) His ____ name is Sam.

6) Lucy doesn’t like ____.

7) ____ go to that restaurant. It’s very expensive.

8) Does Tony work in a bank? No, he ____.

9) Sarah ____ two children.

10) Where ____ Mike live?

11) Maggie can ____ Chinese.

12) ____ often do you go to the cinema?

13) Are ____ any plates on the table?

14) What colour ____ her hair?

15) There are ____ pictures in that gallery.

16) There is a pub ____ the post office.

17) We went to the theatre ____ last Saturday.

18) The film starts ____ six.

19) Is Paris ____ than London?

20) I ____ wash the dishes every day.

21) We ____ Manchester next week.

22) Whose is this book? It’s ____.

23) Emma is worried ____ the exam.

24) ____ did you finish reading?

25) She ____ I was wrong.

26) Peter hasn’t finished ____.

27) I saw an accident when I ____ down the street.

28) _____ gone to France?

29) What food ____ on Christmas Day in England?

30) How ____ pocket money does Steve get a week?

31) They ____ visited London in 1999.

32) We’ve celebrated Independence Day ____ 15 years.

33) At the end of the course, I ____ speak English fluently.

34) I’ve got some phone calls to ____.

35) Liz is ____ in photography.

36) In Brighton there is ____ pollution than in Manchester.

37) We usually have lunch at 1 o’clock, ____ some people have lunch later.

38) Could you tell me ____?

39) Will you go to that concert if it ____?

40) Some people go to shops ____ the prices are really high.

41) What would you do if you ____ one million dollars?

42) The cinema is ____ the restaurant and the newsagent’s.

43) You didn’t learn Russian at school, ____?

44) We’ve never ____ to Australia.

45) That coffee tastes ____.

46) When she was younger, she ____ have more friends than anyone else.

47) Doing regular exercises will ____ you fit.

48) The police arrested the man who ____ a bank.

49) People say I read ____.

50) Before I went to school, I ____ paint very well.

51) I’m so tired. I ____ in the forest all morning.

52) It ____ me an hour to get to work today.

53) Look at those people! I think we ____.

54) I think we will ____ the car serviced this week.

55) They ____ forgotten about our wedding.

56) My girlfriend is a fantastic dancer. I wish I ____ my dancing lessons.

57) We get ____ well with our new teacher.

58) Before we start, we should introduce ____ to the audience.

59) The beach, ____ situated close to the town, is used by surfers.

60) Her family was very ____.

61) I saw Jane ____ the supermarket.

62) Jim said he ____ the project two days before.

63) Carl has been ____ about his past.

64) He looks terrified! He ____ a ghost or something.

65) ____ does he look like?

66) Could you ____ me a favour, please?

67) The police officer ____ me to move along.


68) She did ____ in the test.

69) I’m going into the centre. Catch ____ me there.

70) The club was so small that they ____ to let any more people in.

71) This was the basis on ____ the movement was formed.

72) You should take an umbrella ____ it rains.

73) This painting is believed ____ painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

74) Tom would rather you ____ it.

75) British policemen don’t carry guns ____ duty.

76) If you ____ me, I would never have known.

77) I suggested that Robbie ____ again.

78) Jack decided to ____ for the competition because he knew he was going to win.

79) What’s ____ the cinema?

80) I picked up the wrong suitcase ____ mistake.

81) We walked quietly ____ fear of being discovered.

82) One ____ three children doesn’t read books at all.

83) She was given the award in ____ of her academic achievements.

84) The miners are out ____ strike again.

85) Water was ____ slowly from the pipe.

86) I’d prefer beer ____ wine.

87) I was ____ work late hours.

88) The new employee was ____ a failure.

89) Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t have finished it ____.

90) ____ your help, we would have been in trouble.

91) ____ we went to Italy instead.

92) You ____ better finish it by tomorrow.

93) ____ had a moment passed before we heard the explosion.

94) They can’t even play, ____ write their own songs.

95) I don’t think Harry has spent more than a month in Spain. ____ he has acquired some basics of the language.

96) I’ll meet you ____ arrival.

97) After the incident with the press, the actor ____ disrepute.

98) Although there is a dress code, it isn’t ____ by many students these days.

99) Some of the delegates made an extremely useful ____ to the discussion.

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  1. I saw an accident when I ____ down the street.
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    Ktoś może wytłumaczyć gdzie tu jest sens w tej odpowiedzi?

  2. Oczywiście był to błąd w druku – zdublowane pytanie z odpowiedziami z innego punktu. Dziękuję za uwagę – zostało już poprawione.

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