Znajomość środków językowych – Minidialogi – Zadanie 2


Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi 1-5, wybierając brakującą wypowiedź jednej z osób. Zakreśl literę A, B, albo C. Odpowiedzi znajdziesz na dole strony


X: Excuse me. Can I __________? It’s really important.

Y: Of course. But you need to go outside. You’re not allowed to talk on the phone in here.

A. give a sign

B. have a go

C. make a call


X: Have you heard that Brian returned from his trip to Asia yesterday?

Y: Really? __________ .

X:Sorry, I can’t. I’m working until late evening. Another time perhaps.

A. I think he should come here.

B. Why don’t we visit him tomorrow?

C. Can you stay there with him?


X: Mark, how long are you here for?


A. I want to stay till Monday.

B. I’ve been here before.

C. I arrived yesterday.


X: It’s really hot in here. Is there air-conditioning in this room?

Y: Yes. I’ve forgotten to __________ .

A. set it out

B. put it up

C. switch it on


X: What’s going on? You ___________ to play football here! It’s a private area.

Y: Oh, we didn’t know. Sorry!

A. do not need

B. are not allowed

C. have not been able

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